Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Ironing - a Geneactivity

I usually watch TV while I iron but, as the TV in my geneacave is on the blink, I decided to listen to the latest Genies Down Under podcast from Maria Northcote while I got rid of all those creases.

I selected the latest Episode 55: Some messages for genies in May  which turned out to be rather short as Maria has been recently snowed under at her day job. I got a huge surprise when I heard Maria mention my name and a blog post of mine, A Flea in my Ear, which I wrote in response to  a post from fellow geneablogger, Jennifer Jones. I was delighted to hear Maria expand on something I referred to in my post. Thanks, Maria.

As I had only ironed a few handkerchiefs and a shirt by the time episode 55 finished I fired up another session I had missed, EPISODE 50: Genie Fiction stuff for genies: Family history themed books and stories from December 2015. This was right up my alley as it satisfied two of my interests, genealogy and reading.Maria made some excellent choices of books to share, most of which I had read, but it was interesting to revisit those works through the eyes of a family historian. 

Maria mentioned Catherine Bishop's book, Minding Her Own Business: Colonial Businesswomen in Sydney, that I was tempted to buy when I heard the author speak at Hawkesbury FHG recently. If the book is half as good as the author talk it will be a ripper. Unfortunately the $40 price tag put me off. I must reserve it at my local library. 

Also on the list was The Timeless Land by Eleanor Dark, a book I read fifty years ago. Perhaps it's time to read it again. I think I can afford $2.50 for the eBook version.

Ironing tonight was a painless activity thanks to the two podcasts I heard. As I usually catch up on Maria's podcasts when I travel, I must download those I haven't heard to my phone before I next take off. 

Maria has been delivering her podcasts for over four years. If you aren't a regular listener May I suggest that you check out Genies Down Under.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Many Happy Returns

This is not a birthday post.  Last week I wrote about how I had pulled all of the BDM and other interesting certificates out of my files and was doing some nitpicking. Just this morning I read a post from Canadian genealogist, Lorine, who also extolled the virtues of returning to old records.

It feels like my birthday because I uncovered some clues that lead me to find some facts on direct ancestors  that I had previously missed. I also found a few silly things I had done. In my earlier post I shared some of the things I had found....but wait - there's more.

I found a Marriage Date and Place in Sydney for Patrick Curry and Ellen Moore. This pair claimed to have been married in Limerick, Ireland prior to their transportation to Australia. A visit to the Limerick Church they named and a helpful priest who let me look at the registers did not find such a record. I'm pleased they got Churched in New South Wales.

For nearly 30 years I had thought that my 2x Great-grandmother, Bridget Ryan, was a good swimmer. I can now report that the good swimmer genes don't come from Bridget. She enjoyed the journey to Australia in 1849 with her sister, Ann, on the good ship, British Empire. I had missed the clue on her death certificate that she first went to Victoria and I had believed a newspaper article that said she arrived ea few years earlier.

I killed off Mr GeniAus' 2x great-grandmother, Jane May. Mr GeniAus wasn't half as excited as I was. We have previously visited the cemetery where she is buried, perhaps we need to visit again and diligently check all the headstones.

When I visit some repositories I go crazy taking photos of documents and sometimes, when I get home, I forget to go nitpicking and record all details. I found a couple of Death Certificates whose details I hadn't recorded  lurking in Probate Packets. Perhaps I should fetch less and spend quality time on what I manage to collect.

I got a couple of surprise when I found some certificates misfiled in the wrong folders. That's probably why I found that I had purchased duplicate certificates for some ancestors.

I am sorry to report that I had to do some pruning and lop a branch off my tree. We all make mistakes, I had given some poor woman a couple of extra children.

It wasn't really of any consequence but it was interesting to see that one of Mr GeniAus' ancestors who worked for an undertaker was a witness at the burial of one of my ancestors.

Of course I found the small pile of certificates I had bought in error.  I must hnd these on to a society or site that will make them available to others.

I was wearing my halo after completing this task until this morning when I was on my feet dealing with piles of paper. I found a plastic sleeve that contained 72 more BDMs!

No prizes for guessing that more Nitpicking is on my agenda.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 21 May 2016

A big day out combined with a little bug saw me take to my bed instead of posting my gems yesterday. Now that today's domestic chores have been seen to I'm posting my weekly selections before the baby sittees arrive.

1. Vicki's latest geneabook review.

2. Pauleen's response to her meme. I was disappointed that more folk didn't take up this challenge.

3. Jenny's mystery

4. Memory Lane is one of my favourite destinations.

6. Yvonne describes how she enjoys reading.

7. Putting this on my Birthday list, thanks Linda.    

8. How did your country get its name?

11. A Rebel Hand celebrates some Gentenaries.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


The postman has delivered a package in plain wrapping to my house and I feel a Spitfest coming on.

I have two victims lined up and am seeking another volunteer.

If you are a genie and don't know what I'm talking about it's time to join the 21st century.

Addendum: Oops - It's actually a Scrapefest we'll be having as the kits are from Family Tree DNA.


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