Monday, October 20, 2014

279 and Growing

Having plenty of material for future blog posts makes life easy.

About nine weeks ago when I had a bit of time on my hands I set up the Geneadictionary over on Wordpress. As I have been using blogger for eons this was a brave move for me. I didn't know if the Geneadictionary would be a flash in the pan or if I would be able to find enough content to maintain a regular posting schedule.

Several of my genimates look out for and even coin words and phrases to add to the dictionary, I am so grateful to them for their assistance, as I add their suggestions I try to add their names to the list of Genealogophiles at the Geneadictionary.

I seem to have developed a heightened awareness for Genealogisms which seem to jump out at me as I read genealogy news. I find myself waking up at night and grabbing my phone to add to Evernote a new word, phrase or acronym that has just hit me.

Can you believe that I have 279 entries for inclusion in the Geneadictionary saved in my Evernote folder? I think the Geneadictionary is here to stay.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Stacey, one of my friends in the library world, posted this tweet this morning.

Stacey's Tweet 19/10/2014

As a lover of alliteration I hooked onto those three words used by Tony Wagner as he was talking to a group of teachers at a recent conference in the US.

Play-passion-purpose seems to sum up my motivation for exploring genealogy and technology.

I love to Play around with new software, techtoys and apps but aimless play doesn't give me great satisfaction.

I have a Passion for genealogy and family history which gives a Purpose to my Play. Without that Passion and Purpose I doubt that I would enjoy my Play so much.

Friday, October 17, 2014

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 17 October 2014

GAGs is into its fourth week with a new selection of blog posts I have read and enjoyed for various reasons over the past week. I am so impressed by the quality of many of the posts from downunder I read each week, our geneablogging is going from strength to strength.

As previously stated the selections here are subject to my personal biases and I make no apology for that.

Presenting in no particular order some selections from my RSS feeds this week: 

1. I was going to share this image on my blog but Janelle beat me to it.

2. My once beautiful handwriting has gone to pot so Pauline's post struck a chord with me

3. It's not nearly as good as being there  but this recount from Shauna gave me a glimpse of an event that was held recently in Sunny Queensland.

4. And if you also read Tanya's post straight after Shauna's you will get a fuller picture of what went on at Angling for Ancestors.

5. I like the way that Nola has split up a long story into several posts of a manageable size (for someone like me with a short attention span). This post is one of a series.

6. Helen is also blogging on a theme. In this post she ties her content to a current event.

7. While I'm on the theme of series. Here is a Loveday blogger who is telling a family story in small chunks.

8. Let's not forget that small  museums often have priceless local resources.

9. A Sensational Story for Sepia Saturday from Sharon.

10. I missed this news and perhaps you did too. Thanks to Fran from Manly Library.

It is so hard to limit myself to ten selections although I am tempted to add more.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Revolting Records...

...reminds me of a Roald Dahl book Revolting Rhymes.

As you know I often dive into a new adventure and then realise that I somehow need to keep track of what I am doing. I need to create some more records and, as organisation isn't my strong point, I call them revolting records.

I have now put together my fourth list of GAGs - GeniAus Gems. I have a system in Evernote where I save posts for consideration for the next week's compilation but I haven't kept a record (except for my GAGs posts) of the bloggers and blogs I have actually included in one of my lists.

I need to do this because I can't remember in my head which are the blogs and bloggers I have nominated and because this evening it struck me that such a list would be an additional evaluation tool for when (and if I am invited) I help Inside History Magazine select their Top 50 Blogs you need to read in 2015.

Just like the girl in Robin Klein's the Listmaker I am going to make a list but should it also be in Evernote or should it be on a spreadsheet in Google Drive? I like these tools because I can acccess them across devices but I just can't seem to make my mind up


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